Levante Cricket Club Levante CC II squad

Levante CC II

Captain : David Tivey

Incumbent Chairman for 2018 AKA “He Who Holds the Poisoned Chalice this Year"


DT holds the current record for number of games played for Levante CC and manages to avoid both work and family commitments by playing cricket but only really goes for the Beer and Fags and is still dining out on a 20+ scalp debut season.


Slow between the wickets and a very limited wagon wheel boils down to one shot that rarely troubles the scorer, a Compulsive Shopper cruelly manipulated by Morgan is coupled with a desperate belief that a new bat will solve all technical deficiencies.


Big Hands usually hold the catches and sometimes buys the drinks.


Laziest man in the Club.

Qasim Abbas

Qasim turns up once a month and luckily for us is always willing to open the bowling and batting, deceptively agile and quick in the field he has never dropped a catch.

Loves to umpire, score and help with setting up the ground on Match Days.

His friend Usman has disappeared and we think Qasim has eaten him.

Sharad Brahmbhatt

A new player for 2018 who has come to Valencia to make his fortune, what a shame he has nowhere to live......., Bats, Keeps, Bowls and has a big Warehouse that will come in useful for Winter Nets.


MOTM on his debut and a very nice addition to the Club. Anyone have a room to rent?

Kyle Richardson

"The Tank" has finally succumbed to the temptation of cricket on AstroTurf in 40º at the VCG, this big Saffer can hit the ball hard, likes a beer, is surprisingly nimble in the field despite his size, and could probably deck us all.

Handy to have on tour and good to have him onboard, now all he needs is a new Phone and several Alarm Clocks



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