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Captain : Rowan Pinkerton

Best Australian at the Club (2018), works and lives in London, comes back at weekends to Captain the Levante 1sts,

Can Bat and Field, Bowls a Heavy ball, Sledges like a Pro and has a lovely selection of Sandpaper in his locker. Easily confused by food.

Vice Captain : Rhys Morgan

The Welsh Wizard is the best sledger at the club; you do not want to be batting when he is at slip or gully!  Fantastic opening batsman and top run scorer in the league, for Levante, last season.  Voted best batsman for the 2014 season. An able wicket-keeper and athletic fielder. Basically the man is a living legend!!!

Guess who wrote his own profile.....

Azah Abbas

A big Hitting batsman who also holds the catches and can bowl 6 different deliveries an over:-

6, 4 , 2, 1, No Ball and Wide

Great Player, If he could only get down to practice he would be amazing.......

Qasim Abbas

Qasim turns up once a month and luckily for us is always willing to open the bowling and batting, deceptively agile and quick in the field he has never dropped a catch.

Loves to umpire, score and help with setting up the ground on Match Days.

His friend Usman has disappeared and we think Qasim has eaten him.

Faiz Bhat

Joining in 2017, Faiz quickly became the bowler the Captain looks for when something special is required, his calming influence and brilliant Death Bowling sealed the victory in the T20 Smash Final with a lovely send off for the batsman.

A natural leader on and off the pitch who became Club Captain in 2018, a nice guy with an even nicer car. Shotgun front seat!

Sharad Brahmbhatt

A new player for 2018 who has come to Valencia to make his fortune, what a shame he has nowhere to live......., Bats, Keeps, Bowls and has a big Warehouse that will come in useful for Winter Nets.


MOTM on his debut and a very nice addition to the Club. Anyone have a room to rent?

Scott Burchell

The Bill Bailey impersonator had a fantastic first season with the club, winning awards for most runs and best batsman. He also finished high on the list of wicket takers with his leggies working wonders throughout the campaign.

He became so good at that he decided to change back to Fast Ahem Bowling with unsurprising results.

Scott is also M.I.A in action this year, he blames his Wife and Kids for ending his dreams to once again represent Spain, but we dont know at what yet.

He now spends his days combing the beaches and his lovely long hair.

Keith Clark

Keith decided to retire to Valencia but after seeing the players desperate attempts at officiating a game he just couldn’t help himself and volunteered to Umpire, even after a potentially career ending incident with a strong gust of wind and a Flying Carpet he still comes back for more and is a willing participant in any fundraising or shenanigans we can think of.


A living legend and we are forever grateful for his help.


Plays the Squeezebox and once met Rohan Kanhai in Threshers.

Rory Crisp
Has potential to smash lots of club records
Barry Eaton
Bazza is the founder and wicketkeeper of the club, after slipping on ice and sustaining a severe head injury during the harsh Winter of 2017 he has now set himself up for the new season as a bowler!! Lightning behind the stumps, not so quick with the ball, he can score runs quickly with the bat and is every bit the modern day wicketkeeper (or bowler, the jury is still out.)

Has earned himself the nickname 'No Byes Barry' for obvious reasons but as a bowler we don't anticipate this nickname to last much longer.
Usman Fareed

Usman was a great talent and an intelligent cricketer with a bent arm and a long sleeved shirt but according to friends got married and left Spain.

We think new look Fat Qasim ate him.

Damien Garvey

Left Handed Opening Bat with plenty of Yorkshire grit and steel, looks lively in the field but occasionally provides the opposition batsman a second chance. Needs to work on his Tan.

Only person who isn't an Alcoholic in the whole club.

Cesare Giulietti
“il Gato” as he is affectionately known, brings the Italian passion to Levante, not least when he’s got the gloves on and he’s spurring the team on. An opening batsmen with great resolve and grit. Needs to buy a sat nav for next seasons away days!
Richard Harris
Ricardo is a force to be reckoned with at the crease, and shows no mercy to any sloppy bowling - he loves a boundary. A very capable bowler, who when he’s on the money, gets them wickets! A dedicated trainer, he’s always last to leave. Well, the bar I mean. Usually first leaving training
Rhys Hoy

Fancy Dan Pilot who stole all the bowling glory in the brief time he spent in Valencia, ran out on all his mates just for money and a promotion to somewhere not as nice, now runs a BnB in Bristol.....

All that "Fast" Bowling has ruined his shoulder so he can never play any sport ever again, he is now trying to learn Golf and drinks Whiskey every night.

Tariq Iqbal

"He never learned to read and write so well but he can swing a big bat just like hes ringing a bell

Go Go, Go Tariq Go Go, Go Tariq Go Go, Go Tariq Go Go, Go Tariq Go Go, and Tariq B. Goode.

*Afridi isn't his real name

Bhavin Kakkad

A skinny teenage Bhavin joined Levante in its infancy and has since gone on to become an Instagram Six Pack Legend, sometimes he'll grace us with that Straight Bat and make a Cameo but he is a Sadist and enjoys pulling peoples teeth out for a day job in the UK. Maybe one day he will open up a Practice in Valencia.....

With a spectacular batting average (he played about 6 games) this man with the Golden Arm could also conjure up an important wicket but he was always a slouch in the field and had Manos de Mantequilla.

Tony Little

The resident Kiwi has become a solid operator at the top of the innings for Levante, providing a strong resistance to the new ball then unselfishly getting out so everyone else can have a go.

First on the Team Sheet because he now has a car and can drive to away games, and always on hand with the Tabs and the Tinnies, a very popular member.

Andrew Lofthouse

Lofty has been around the team for a while but this year has a little one to keep an eye on so cricket comes seco... oh no wait, he does running now so a distant third, Boooo!

A fearless WK, a keen eye for a loose ball with long levers and a big Hoik, we would love to see him come down for some Social Cricket, or maybe the Maths Teacher Nerd would prefer to score....

Tim Lucas

Currently AWOL and coasting in a cushy Geneva Job, High Roller Cockney Geezer, likes his pastel leisure wear and a large Vodka and Cranberry Juice.

This time next year Tim Tam......... ;)

Nisar Mughal

Loves his cricket and bowls a nice line and length with swing and accuracy, and although he may not look like a batsman he can really get going with his unorthodox technique and has hit quite a few important runs.

Now a restaurateur he sometimes misses out on matches but is always welcome at the club, now we just need to work on the Club Discount and Sponsorship Agreement.

David Murphy


Batsman turned bowler who has taken a lot of wickets for Levante CC since his debut in 2015, unfortunately the Bright Lights of London and the wages of an IT whizz were too hard to resist so we'll have to wait a little while to see our Club Treasuring Reverse Sweeping Toe Crushing Kiwi back in action at the VCG.




Jason Noon

Founder member who became a casualty to Married with Kids Syndrome, a good student of the game and Solid Batsman from the School of Nurdle.

Shit Umpire.

We hope he turns up for some Social Cricket this season.

Bruno Nugnes

Nato Peacekeeper Bruno joined the club in 2013 during a 3 year stint in Valencia and went from Rusty to Tight Left Arm Opening Bowler very quickly. He occasionally returns to show us how its done and may one day return when there is World Peace or he gets early retirement, whichever comes first.

Sorely missed on and off the field, a great bloke with a lovely family.

Arrivederci amico.

Rob Pickford

Lord Pickford, classy batsman and proud of his Club average, maybe thats why he prefers to play in the 2nds.

Takes a catch every now and again and bowls with a 14º Arm, Posh, Rich and probably paying the umpire. Runs Marathons for some reason.

Andrew Pilkington

Swing, Pace, Lateral Movement, and Variation, just some of the things we wish Pilks had.

Levantes first player to represent Spain, a true all rounder who plays every sport, he is currently taking time away from cricket to develop Rugby League in Spain and is also a founder member of Castellon University Netball Team.

Dropped a catch once and went off for a sulk.

Sandheep Ravishankar

Back in Spain after being detained in India due to a dodgy Visa. Bowls left arm Spin One, Miss Off Stump, Every Time (SOMOSET) , can actually bat a bit and field and is probably Levante CCs only true All Rounder. 

PHD in something really hard, Vegan and plays the Guitar as well, Weirdo.

Asad Raza
A Heart of Gold and Balls of Steel, fit as a fiddle and on his day can smash it for miles and score quickly. A safe pair of hands in the field or behind the stumps and loves his cricket almost as much as his visits to the Hospital for stitches.
Kyle Richardson

"The Tank" has finally succumbed to the temptation of cricket on AstroTurf in 40º at the VCG, this big Saffer can hit the ball hard, likes a beer, is surprisingly nimble in the field despite his size, and could probably deck us all.

Handy to have on tour and good to have him onboard, now all he needs is a new Phone and several Alarm Clocks



Saalim Roshaan
The future of Levante CC,  a promising youngster who turns up every week, needs to harden his hands up/learn to catch and remember the Meds for the car trip to the away games, pass the sick bag.........
Orville Senhouse
Allrounder, developing off spinner, middle order batsman. Confined mainly to slip due to a dodgy knee. Still in love with the game.
Jagi Singh

Jaggi loves the Cricket Family at Levante and would do anything for his team and friends, a bit of regular practice would make his Leg Spin unplayable and he has the heaviest Cricket Bat on the Planet, such a shame he has the thinnest arms also.

He is proud of his 8 Seater Jaggi Van but unfortunately drives like he doesn't want to keep it for long, nevertheless he always gets us to the ground and is the first to buy the drinks, before, during and after the games.

The Keeper of the Penalty Pig, Jaggi is watching you...... 

Roger Speers

Gentle giant, loves his Hawaiian shirts and the Green and Gold, bowls a heavy ball and wields a heavy bat.

Roger will be leaving us in 2018 and will be sorely missed, always quick to contribute to the fundraisers and a cracking allround bloke.

Roger, Over and Out


Shakeel Sultan Hafiz

The Pocket Rocket, an explosive batsman and skiddy bowler from his 5" Muscled Frame, lightning fast fielder and always has a smile on his face. Great fun on and off the field, one of Martins best friends.

Would run through a brick wall for Levante CC, :)

Martin Taylor

Left Handed Martin is a bowler who really knows how to get under the batsmens skin with his Tricks, Angles, Line and Length.


A benevolent cricketer who will advise the opposition on how to get his teammates out, members have always commented on how well he "Bats for the other Side" 


A Constant Presence at Practice and on Match Days and always providing eloquent insight, his Voluntary work for the Grammar Police is much appreciated by all his team mates.

Dan Tickel

Once upon a time Dan was a handy Off Spinner and took Levantes first Hat Trick, then he went on a La Manga Weekend, took his rehydration too seriously on the Saturday, caught the Yips on Sunday and bowled a 14 ball over.

Fortunately he has many strings to his bow and has made the position of Rock Solid WK his own, always reluctant to bat he can grind out a knock and stick around at the business end of an innings.

We have yet to see the best of Mr Tickel


David Tivey

Incumbent Chairman for 2018 AKA “He Who Holds the Poisoned Chalice this Year"


DT holds the current record for number of games played for Levante CC and manages to avoid both work and family commitments by playing cricket but only really goes for the Beer and Fags and is still dining out on a 20+ scalp debut season.


Slow between the wickets and a very limited wagon wheel boils down to one shot that rarely troubles the scorer, a Compulsive Shopper cruelly manipulated by Morgan is coupled with a desperate belief that a new bat will solve all technical deficiencies.


Big Hands usually hold the catches and sometimes buys the drinks.


Laziest man in the Club.

Imtiaz Ullah

Mystery Bowler and Underestimated Batsman, we dont even know if he can field because he's so good at his job he keeps having to work and we rarely see him at the VCG, you can count on Immy to drop out last minute and we wonder if he'll ever get his League Debut Cap and Squad Number.

One for the future, we think. 

Pete West
Pete is an experienced campaigner and despite his 50+ years away from the cricket field has taken many a wicket with his seemingly innocuous Flight+Guile+Revs, (Moon Balls) a Shoe-In Number 11 batsmen he has a very solid Scorebook Technique, erm Pete....... can you just do the first 10 overs?.......
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